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All the things I want to tell you 12 July 19

Gather round folks,  this is the latest natter in my little series of All the things I want to tell you. Summer is speeding away right before our eyes and realistically with only a month or so left I still have SO much to do! I want to start by telling you how excited I… Continue reading All the things I want to tell you 12 July 19


Tewkesbury’s Medieval Festival…

It’s that time of year again here in Tewkesbury, where the Medieval Festival is welcomed back! Heres last years post if you’ve ever wondered what goes on in Europes largest battle reenactment! 🙂


Is your hometown filled with history? Mine certainly is, and to celebrate that, every year people from all over the world come together to host a medieval festival!

I live in a small town called Tewkesbury, which is based in Gloucestershire. My town was one of the key locations for a crucial war that took place back in the 14 hundreds. I say this information loosely, as despite the fact this festival is on every year, and there are historical signs every year with memorabilia, I haven’t paid too much attention to the details. ( Dissapointing I know, but i’m not super interested)

Anyway, the weekend of the festival, is always a good one with interesting stalls to look at how they cooked in medieval times, with beautiful sterling silver jewellery stands. (seriously you can always guarantee a beaut ring from this place) and some proper good cidre oooh arghhh…!

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Review: Spiderman Far From Home SPOILER FREE

Hello wonderful beings! I hope everyone is having a fab day! On Tuesday night I went and saw Spiderman; Far from home. The next chapter following on from Avengers, Endgame,   Since End Game, I was a bit stumped on how Marvel would manage to keep it all going universe wise, but I promise you now,… Continue reading Review: Spiderman Far From Home SPOILER FREE

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Toy Story 4 Review!

No Spoilers!I am so excited to share this review with you guys!! As of Tuesday, myself and a group of friends went and watched Toy Story 4! I must admit I had my apprehensions. The thing is with making four movies it normally follows the pattern of- the first FAB the second a bit of… Continue reading Toy Story 4 Review!

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The first day of summer’19

I am disappointed to say that compared to last year, the weather this year has been utterly horrendous. Earlier back in February we had a week of 24 degree weather so I guess we are paying for it now. However as of the 22nd of June, the sun sprung out for the first time since… Continue reading The first day of summer’19

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Bits and bobs in Budapest

Whats happening guys! This is my third little story in my Budapest travels, which I wanted to use as the conclusion. During my week in Budapest I experienced things I never thought I would do. I saw beautiful sculptures, incredible architecture, and panoramic views seen in movies. There is so much to do in Budapest… Continue reading Bits and bobs in Budapest

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Budapest luxury

Moving thoroughly onto the second episode of my Budapest fairytale, I am sharing with you today the Budapest baths! Budapest AKA City of the Spa's is very well known for its natural spa's and thermal waters with temperatures up to 38 degrees. There are many in Budapest so when it came to choosing which ones… Continue reading Budapest luxury